indieAsia Pacific Conclave – March 17-18 – Kolkata, India


The Conclave is an event where participants can gain information about topic matter of dry extraction and effective utilization of bottom ash and technological advances in other coal combustion products and emissions in thermal power plants.

Dr Tomasz Szczygielski is one of the speakers at Asia Pacific Conclave and speak on the topic of Zero Waste Coal Power as element of Circular Economy in India.

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Zero Waste Coal Power as element of Circular Economy in India

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Asia Pacific Conclave


 COP22 in Marrakech

cop22The 22nd Session of the Conference of Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP22) will be held in Marrakech, November 7 to 18, 2016.
PhD Eng Tomasz Szczygielski will give presentation about Zero-waste Coal Power as element of the pratical implementation of the Circular Economy in Poland.

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23rd Conference ASHES FROM POWER GENERATION, Zakopane, Poland

pze2016The 23rd Conference Ashes from Power Generation took place on 19 – 21 October, 2016. The program was prepared with regard to the general situation in this sector of economy, and in particular to regulations being prepared in the European Union under the umbrella of the Circular Economy idea, as well as expectations form the sectors of generation of electricity and utilisation of combustion by-products. Special focus was placed on issues connected with climate policy and resulting prerequisites of implementing the principles of Zero Waste Europe, Resource Efficient Europe and the Circular Economy.
As the strategy for the Circular Economy implementation will soon start to be implemented, this issue was present in the significant part of the presentations and discussions as potentially impacting on the area of solid fuel combustion products utilisation. Papers pointed out the way towards implementation of circularity principles from the formal-legal and business-practice angles, both seen at the European Commission’s level and from the Polish perspective.
Contributions from the whole sector allowed for comprehensive discussing of the current problems, state and prospects for the anthropogenic minerals. As usual, the participants came from academic establishments, power sector, CCP market operators, producers of equipment and systems, and laboratories and research institutions.
Parts of the Conference publications are presented here. If you are interested in full publication please email us.


Seminar on „Implementing the Circular Economy in Poland”, 8 January, 2016, Warsaw

circular-economy_referenceOn the Seminar „Implementing the Circular Economy in Poland” held on 8 January, 2016, at Warsaw University of Technology the discussions covered potential benefits of this approach. Key international and national experts took part including, amongst others: Dr Anders Wijkman from The Club of Rome, Mr Vincent Aurez from the Circular Economy Institute in France, Dr Eng Hans Joachim Feuerborn from VGB Germany, Dr Eng Tomasz Szczygielski from the Institute for Applied Research at the Warsaw University of Technology, Mr Waldemar Szulc from Polish Power Plants Association, Prof Barbara Tora from AHG University of Science and Technology, Prof Arkadiusz Szymanek from Częstochowa University of Technology, Mrs Jacqueline Kacprzak and Mr Zbigniew Kamieński from the Ministry of Development, Dr Piotr Dardziński from the Ministry of Science, Mr Marek Zagórski from the Ministry of Treasure. Welcome address was presented by Prof Jan Szmidt, Rector of Warsaw University of Technology and introduction into the theme of the Seminar was given by Dr Tomasz Szczygielski. First presentation by Dr Anders Wijkman form The Club of Rome explored the benefits for the state and society coming from the Circular Economy implementation, and also expounded the key concepts related to the Seminar theme. Next presentations described specific practical aspects of implementing the Circular Economy tenets in France and Germany. Further speakers concentrated directly on particulars of Polish situation in this respect. Each session was followed by discussions. The Seminar was organised by Warsaw University of Technology in co-operation with The Polish Union of CCP (Coal Combustion Products) Companies.

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