Coal combustion products (CCP) are not waste by their nature. It is general lack of knowledge on their characteristics and potential for use which presents a problem. In the growing Polish economy we should take note of the market demand for binders and aggregates, which is much bigger than the supply of CCP from power generation. Unfortunately secondary aggregates still make up less than 10% of the used natural aggregates. Real protection of resources is then still a challenge we face. It is our lack of competence condemning part of CCP to be deemed a waste and landfilled. In the time of initiative such as Circular Economy, Zero Waste Europe and Resource Efficient Europe, the change in paradigm is a necessary precondition for effective actions.


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Actions to be taken towards ZWCP:

1) Achieve acceptance of such an approach due to lowering of costs in power sector,

a) less (no) landfilling of coal combustion products,
b) protection of part of natural resources,
c) increase in supply of low-emission construction products,
d) general reduction of costs in the economy due to the above.

2) Integrate the development of technologies to beneficiate coal combustion products in the power generation process at the stage of:

a) preparation and feeding of fuel,
b) combustion in the boiler,
c) removal of combustion residues from the combustion chamber,
d) storage and despatch of coal combustion products.

3) Streamline standardization and promotion of good practices.

4) Prepare the program for implementation of the Secondary-First strategy.

5) Co-ordinate co-operation between the power sector and governmental agencies in implementing this program.