Coal Combustion Products (CCP)

10 truths about Coal Combustion Products (CCP)

1. CCPs are not waste but anthropogenic minerals arising during burning solid fuels for power generation.

2. They do not have negative impact on the environment and health, which was unequivocally confirmed by many years of testing in various centers and especially within REACH system.

3. They display pozzolanic properties – binding in the presence of lime – and hydraulic properties – binding in the presence of water.

4. Their use has been known for centuries, and today is reflected in national and European standards and technical approvals.

5. Each day they prove their usefulness for the manufacture of cement, concrete, in road construction and many other areas of economy.

6. CCPs are not a problem, and never were. The problem is our ignorance about their properties and possibilities of application, as well as our ineffectiveness in implementing the strategy of Secondary First.

7. They turn into waste only when we lack creativity, motivation for innovation and genuine concern for the environment and society.

8. They are part of a low-emission economy. Each ton of CCP used instead of cement or lime is reducing the GHG emissions by approx. 0,4 tons.

9. Ashes in landfills are wasted resources and shame for all those who could influence this.

10. Close collaboration of industry, science and administration could and should bring about a proper place for each CCP in economy