Our projects

CIMA is actively participating in a number of current projects:

1. Production of Refuse Based Fuel for PGE GiEK S.A. Bełchatów in part concerning REACH requirements.
2. Zero Waste Coal Power project (ZWCP):

♦ beneficiation of CCPs in the process of combustion of coal for power generation (GEKON project),

♦ optimisation of fuel composition for achieving desired properties of CCPs as products.

3. Protection of natural resources – work within World Resources Forum http://www.worldresourcesforum.org/ in order to bring the best practices in this area from the world to Poland.
4. Secondary-First – promotion of priority to anthropogenic minerals over natural ones in economy – co-operation with the Polish Union of CCP Companies.
5. Low-emission Economy – promotion of low-emission footprint construction products from anthropogenic minerals


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